Hey BPers,

I've been lurking around BP for over a year now and reading and meeting folks and now ready to make a move. I've identified three markets of interest and intend to focus on multifamily. Not so sure my goals are "exponential" to most but they are to me.

Let's say I have $100k to invest and a goal of 50 units by 2020. What are some creative ways to stretch that $100k if each duplex was $50k each? My understanding is that banks will not loan on such a low cost property. So, as usual, cash is king, but like everyone here I'd like to stretch each nickel.

Assuming all I buy are duplexes then I need 25 properties to hit my goal or 9 per year for the next three years.

25x$50k= $1.25MM

Now if I can do a traditional 20% down payment then I'll have $250k of cash out of my pocket, which is more than what I'd like to invest.

Right now it seems the BRRR method would be best, but it isn't without its limits. Seems I'd likely need to get commercial loans (higher rates) which is fine. And I'm not sure a bank would refi a home at $75k or so.

Is there a way folks have scaled without bringing on outside partners? Thoughts???