Standing water in crawl space at inspection

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We put a offer on a 4plex and had the inspection yesterday (a day after it snowed). We found standing water in the crawl space which is concrete pillars/walls but dirt flooring. No sump pump or drainage system. Inspector didn't seem worried about it or potential mold. We are thinking of asking sellers to install a sump pump or some sort of drainage system. Has anyone been through this or have any advice about the standing water? I'm sure it's weather related. House was built in 1976. 

@Michelle Pietras

There should never be any water inside the house especially the crawl space or basement. There may be some simple solutions such as extending the downspouts or cleaning the gutters. 

If there are no drain tiles, I would definitely install one. But I wouldn't ask the seller to do it. Get a few quotes, and negotiate a new sales price. Then you use a vendor that you like and trust to do the job properly.

If the seller is going to pay someone to do it, it will probably be the cheapest option. Which may not be what you're expecting.

@Michelle Pietras

@Chris T. is correct.  You should not have water in the crawl.  Finding the source is the first thing you should determine.  I would ask for a credit to have it fixed.  You should control what type of system you use.  Installing a drain tile system is not complicated depending on the depth of the crawl.  If there is not much clearance to dig it will be more costly.   I have had it done in the past.

Good Luck.

Thank you for the feedback and recommendations! We set up to have it evaluated further with a basement specialist to see what we are dealing.

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