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Hi, was wandering if any Arizonans here knows why are homes in phoenix cheaper than scottsdale? We are planning to relocate from NY and realize that both areas school districts are great but homes prices are very different? Any input would be appreciated, thanks!

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@Matthew Liew we are talking about a huge city when we say “Phoenix”.  The city of Phoenix has 325 public schools in 30 disctricts + 200 charter and private schools according to the city website.  You’re going to find great schools in Phoenix as well as scottsdale.  I would also double check that 50% graduation rate for Phoenix stat. 

Just like any large metropolitan area, your going to find property values vary greatly for a variety of reasons. 

Scottsdale is more expensive than Phoenix in a similar way Manhattan is more expensive than the Bronx or San Francisco is more expensive than Oakland. In the case of Phoenix, Scottsdale is home to more residents with money (doctors, lawyers, athletes) and larger plots of land along with luxury hotels, resorts, and tons of entertainment. Schools are better and crime is lower, therefore land value tends to be higher in such areas.

scottsdale is home to people who make up bunch of money. Phoenix is a big city with good sections and very bad sections. Basis is a charter school and not to be confused with public schools. It's a very rigorous charter school at that. I do agree that most of Arizona's public school systems are  enormous and struggle to educate a very diverse population. Having said that there are a number of fantastic charter schools including basis  in every major city in Arizona. But to directly answer your question Scottsdale is to Phoenix what Beverly Hills is to Los Angeles  

Thank u to all that took their time to answer my question. I guess we would really need to get there and see for ourselves which area is better for us. Since it's not an easy choice between these two. Thank u all again, it's a big help!

An out-of-towner that knows all about BASIS, but things Phoenix Union has a 50% graduation rate. smh. I can certainly guess what sort of sources you peruse.

If anyone is interested in the actual stats, here they are:

Student Enrollment: 27,761
Attendance Rate: 93.8%
4-year Graduation Rate: 85%
Annual Dropout Rate: 3.2%


@Matthew Liew back to your question, you really have to come out and get a feel for different neighborhoods. Within Phoenix alone, you could find the historic district, the Biltmore, Ahwatukee, South Mountain, just to name a few that have widely-varying characteristics. Many people feel that Cave Creek is now what Scottsdale "used to" be. Gilbert and Surprise are well-regarded suburbs. Come on out! The weather is getting great. :-)

Thank you for ur input Dan we will go over next weekend to check it out. Do you any idea if now is buyer or seller market now? Thank you

@Matthew Liew sure thing. In my opinion, the market seems to be softening. I wouldn't call it a buyer's market yet, but things seem to be moving a bit more slowly that in recent months years. At the same time, inventory has stayed low. What this might mean for you is that you won't see "buyer's market prices," but you won't feel "seller's market pressure to act." That's my two cents. We just completed a purchase in Scottsdale and this is what we felt. Others will certainly have different experiences and/or hard data.

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