Nervous as to wether me and my wife should purchase

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Me and my wife are looking to purchase a property for $24,000. It's and older house and needs a little TLC. Has a new water heater and brand new furnace but there's one problem that is making us think again about buying this property. The floor has a slope in a couple spots. Does this mean foundation problems and a big cost to repair?!! Please help.

I bought my first, live in house, a few days ago. After taking the trim off around the base boards I realized there was about an inch drop over the hallway area in the floor. A rug covered it previously.

It was as easy as taking a jack under the house with a pressure treated beam and a cinder block and supported the weak area. That was all it took.

I say this to let you know foundation can be simple, but it can also be a huge headache and a financial burden. It really depends on how bad it is. Have an inspector go under the house and check it out. Find out if it just needs some supports, or if its going to need repair on the pillars and etc. Good luck!

ok I will have someone look at it. Thank you.

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