Utah Duplex Findings! I need some advice

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You can run a multifamily search on UtahRealEstate.com to see duplexes that are on the market. You can also drill down to see duplexes in particular areas, in a certain price range, etc.

Hey Dylan,

Have a realtor get you setup on daily email. Just give them your price range, city, bedroom \ bathroom specs and emails with the new listings or price reduced will be sent to you auto-magically :-) If you need a recommendation, @Amy Kendall is great! 

Are you looking to stay in the Kaysville area or just Davis county in general? 

I have networked at the local REIA they meet in Ogden first Tuesday of the month www.nureia.org... for info... on this site too.. Good place for other investors to tell you about their duplex's and sometimes off load one..


I live in Bountiful and help people with the purchase of investments in Davis County all the time. The South Davis duplex & - 4-plex'sright now are selling at a premium unless you are looking to go more into the Clearfield area and get one that you can rehab and up the rents from there. I would personally recommend looking at a single family in an area that is Zoned multifamily that has a basement apt. I also own a few townhomes that have worked great as rentals also. Let me know if you want me to set you up a Hotsheet on the MLS so you can stay on top of the new listings as they come up.

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