Question about a property Everett, Wa

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Hello everyone. I happened to call a wholesaler in AZ who is trying to wholesale a home out in WA. It's a multi family with 2 units. 1 1/1 apt. and a 6/2.5. It sounds funky but it's close to EVCC making it great for someone who wants to rent to students. The home was built in 1904 and it needs work. From the pictures I would say some drywall, flooring, paint.but nothing to crazy since it would be rented to students, since its old it may need all electrical replaced, and sewer/ water lines replaced . Assuming a 1/1 in Everett is $850/mo and a room is $500/mo rents would be at 3,850/mo. I called the guy and asked if he would split the deal with me if I found him a buyer, he said yea. I was wondering if anyone on here would want to help me out in finding the ARV and the value of the home to see if there is any money to be made? This one is a bit complicated to me so I had to reach out before I just started blasting it out to people.

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