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Hello fellow BP members! I have a couple of vacant house leads(2 of which I think are extremely hot) on my desk and I’ve searched for the owner of the properties on the county website so I know who owns them but I’d love to be able to get them on the phone. Any ideas on ways that I could get these persons phone numbers in my hands ? Thanks !

@Jay Mott

I always say you have to become a private investigator as well when you become a real estate investor. :) 

Once I confirm ownership through the county website, I use WhitePages Premium (paid version - $20/month) as the first easy source to locate phone number and confirm mailing address. I have pretty good success with WhitePages (70% success rate.) If that doesn't work though, other sites to try are Intelius and

If they all cannot get you good numbers, you can hire a private investigator, who can use a skip tracing service, and you can expect to pay $50+ per lead, but the success rate is pretty high. is also good, can find emails as well as numbers.

If you need just a few you can buy a package from American Tracers. It’s about 80 bucks for 10 traces 8 bucks a trace. Good for one at a time searches. You get it back emailed to you usually within a hour or two

I also have used @Tony Battle who is a member here for bulk tracing. I send him 50 at a time. very reasonable His Company is Pinpojnt Private Investigations out of South Dakota


Here's my question, how do you get past the "previous relationship" requirement to get a skip tracing account with TLO? I used them as an asset manager, but as an investor I cant use them to find owners. If I could get TLO or one like it I wouldn't have much issues finding owners, I did it on a regular basis. But just strikes me as weak in comparison. Any advice?

People hang up phones , drive to their house and knock on the door , or send them a letter that DOES NOT look like a wholesalers and inquire and leave them your number 

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