Needing help coming up with offer Denver / Westminster flip

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I was contacted by an agent and asked to bring cash offers for a client of hers. Due to unfavorable circumstances, showings would be difficult and they would prefer not to list the house on the MLS or have an abundance of people stop by. I am trying to come up with an offer but I need to figure some rough repair costs and ARV first.

Some basic info on the property:

I had trouble posting pics to BP so I just threw a craigslist link up. You can view a few photos here.

It is located near 88th and Wadsworth in the Kings Mill neighborhood

2 story/ 5 Bedroom/ 3 Bath

Master suite "loft" 500 square feet

main floor/ 900

basement/ 900

some good things:

Roof is five years old

new windows on the top floor

new water heater

no signs of foundation settling

home is overall maintained and well kept "just very dated"

The expensive things:

paint trim outside of house

HVAC is working  but is super old

Needs painting throughout, with a room or two of wallpaper removal

needs wood floors installed on main level

carpet in upstairs and basement

new appliances/fixtures/countertops in kitchen

complete remodel all 3 bathrooms

entire basement is wood paneling

drop ceilings in basement "possible other option?"

Yard could use some tree and bush clearing as well as removal of a wooden fence.

If anyone is familiar with the area I would appreciate any input you might have regarding ARV or your experience with some of the repair items listed

If you have MLS access, what do the comps show you? Figure $25-$35 a square foot for rennovations. If you pass on this deal, I'd take a look at it. I'm in the area.

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