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This upcoming winter I have a plan to do a single family flip and sell because I thought this was a really good way to get into real estate investing and I looked forward to the rehab process. Now that I have listened to a bunch of the podcasts here at Bigger Pockets, I question if I should waste my time on single families or focus on rental properties which is what I would like to invest in the road. I don’t have the capital myself and have a private investor which will get his money and his percent back for the flip. On the other hand I don’t have an investor for a rental property because he won’t get his return back till a much later date. What do you suggest I focus on? And what are some steps I should take before making these deals?

Building capital is the hardest part. So either you do that with a job or real estate it  doesn't matter but you need to build your own personal capital in order to get into rentals. 

Now that doesn't need to be much capital. 

Only $15-20k and you can buy your first rental property and be making a pretty good return on those funds.

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