Legal Options In the Event of Death

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Have a situation where the wife is not on property title or mortgage. If this remains the case, what are her or her adult son's options if this remains the situation after his passing? He is hedging on changing over to either one because of their credit issues.

He could make a will (which he should be doing anyways) and decide in his will whom will inherit the house. It is my understanding though that he could add his wife to the deed without her being on the mortgage so credit would not be an issue in that situation. I was added to my husband’s first house’s deed after we were married and at that time I was not on the mortgage (he did not know me when he brought the house). We went to a lawyer’s office whom completed the legal paperwork for me to be added to the deed. Later we refinanced the mortgage into both of our names but it would not of been a requirement if we did not want to. So credit has nothing to do with being added to a deed. Perhaps there is some other reason he does not want to add anyone to his deed?

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