Fall River,Worcester,Rhode Island, Plymouth

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Looking to purchase my next investment property in one of these areas. Would like any input and what neighborhoods to stay away from. References would also be great.Thank You

@Richard Beatty  I'm a big fan of Plymouth - in fact, I moved here last February after living in Scituate for 32 years.

There's a very nice combination of shopping and night life that you would find in a big city and seclusion that you would normally have to drive for an hour outside of Boston to find.

Our new home on Black Cat Rd has 5 acres of forest and is surrounded by 30 acres of conservation land.  We overlook a pond and cranberry bog - and we're perhaps 7 minutes from downtown Plymouth.  Our driveway is 2,000 feet long and during the summer, we can only see one other home from here - and it's about 2,500 feet away.

As far as areas to stay away from, I'm not a fan of North Plymouth - on the Kingston line.  It seems to be a higher crime area.  I helped a friend sell his duplex there not too long ago.  NOT impressed.

I'd also avoid many properties in Nameloc Heights.  While the ocean views from the cliffs are spectacular, the erosion, according to neighbors, is eating a foot of the cliff every year.  In not too many more years, there's going to be some real heartbreak there as family homes go crashing into the Atlantic.  At this point, I seriously doubt that most lenders and insurance carriers will touch them.  

If you're looking on Warren Ave, I'd be on the lookout for the same issue.

That said, Plymouth has some really good investment potential.  

@Richard Beatty

Worcester is very street by street. Are you looking to provide housing for a college campus? There are 13 colleges in Worcester- I see you are Boston- Have you driven the areas before? 

Rhode Island is very broad.... do you have ideas of counties or areas? Are you familiar with the LL/Tenant Laws here?  

Fall River is intriguing-  

@Richard Beatty I purchased a duplex in Weymouth (not far from Plymouth) two years ago and have been happy with it so far.  From my experience, its a mix of blue collar and hospital/medical professionals due to the MGH branch hospitals.  It's also on the commuter rail, like Plymouth.  They also are about to do a large re-development road project of rt 18 (main st) - not certain but I think this is good for long term value.  Demand for rentals seems fairly strong, and so far I've been able to pass along the agent rental fee to the tenants.  I also live in Boston, so a shorter commute if necessary to my rental was fairly high on my list.  Best case though you can find a good team; agent, handyman, etc, and not have to visit the property very often.  happy to chat

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