How can I Invest with 10k

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How can I get started investing in real estate with only 10k? 

One option is to find an REIT and invest in it. You could also try to be a private lender for "gap funding" although I'm not sure if people need $10k that often, I'd think they would need more. 

@Darnell Copeland - find properties in parts of the country which would can fit with you having $10K as your "skin in the game".  In your analysis of properties, keep in mind your closing costs, holding costs, taxes, insurance, marketing, and potential capital improvements.  Or you can look to pool your money with other investors. Real Estate crowdfunding or REIT participation seems to be growing in popularity. 

find a partner= now you have $20k

i’m guessing you are not accredited investor? 10k  doesn’t go very far on a single property if you purchase it directly.  But if you pool it with a few hundred or thousand other investors, you can invest in asset types you wouldn’t have access to on your own.  

 There are about 9 or 10 different funds that you could invest in as a non-accredited investor, ranging from everything from commercial real estate to apartments, from equity to debt, etc. 

@Darnell Copeland
Have you considered investing in mortgage notes ? You can invest with minimum investment amounts. In lieu of writing a book on this post feel free to connect and I can get you more info

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