Please help me analysis this deal.

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Please help me analysis this deal. I know it is not a home run, but I thought it was a good started property to invest in. It is in a great neighborhood and the rent and tenants are very strong. I was planning to buy and hold. Some numbers to look at. Duplex 2 units 3 bedrooms 1 Bath each Great school and 1 block to train in a very nice neighborhood. Purchase price 210,000 And we can get it appraised at 230k on the low end we can borrow 75% which is 172500 at 5.5% is 979/month Rents 32400/yr P&I on loan is 11750 Taxes Yes very high in this area 6500 Vacancy 10%. 3240 Insurance 1500 Utilities on our end is 2400 Lawn and snow 1000 Management fee own. 1620 Let me know your thoughts

I believe this to be a good investment opportunity if this is your 1st time investing in real estate,good neighborhood ,good property ,based on putting $57,500 down and the sales price being $230,000 my rate of return on a $57,500 outlay,my minimum rate of return I would expect to be at a minimum of 20 to 25%