Ways to communicate as an OOS investor

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Hi all,

I am an investor from Israel trying to get into the US market.

In Israel everything is done using cell phone. Lots of families doesn't use or evenb own a telephone. Moreover whatssup app is used by all, for messages and calls. However when I try to contact PMs or agents in the US the claim they don't use whatssup app, and the only way to contact them is by a telephone. This is very frustrating because calling from a cell to out of state is very costly, and with all the new technology around I just don't see any good reason to do that. 

Am I missing something? Do locals use free communucation apps that maybe I am unaware of? How do you contact your agents GCs etc. with a cell, in a cheap time saving efficient way?

Thanks guys!

@Isaac Geller   I can't speak for the all areas of the US but generally phone calls are still done through the traditional phone networks/phone numbers.  I see a lot of people using message apps like whatsapp, groupme, imessage for texting but not really for calls.

Have you tried google voice?  When I'm out of the country I have a US phone number through google voice that I can call any number in the US through the internet and to them it will appear as a local number.  I believe Skype has a similar service.  They are both very cheap.

@Isaac Geller - if you are going to be investing in the US you need to expect the need for regular calls to your suppliers/ contacts etc etc. From my experience, as advanced  the US is in a lot of aspects, they are still behind Israel in a lot of aspects relating to banking/ communication and technology.-( or perhaps just more conservative.) I wont forget how amazed one of the agents who was showing me around Atlanta was when I introduced him to Waze a few years ago, which forecast  a stopped car around the bend - and sure enough there it was :)

I land up needing to call my US bank on a landline more often than I ever need to call my Iocal bank - (in fact come to think of it I never call my local bank) 

The solution is to find a cell package that includes foreign calls in the base price- and then you don't think twice when you need to call or for how long. Some of them also give you a virtual US number which is super useful to supply to US contacts in order to reach you.

Thanks guys,

really useful inputs.

@Isaac Geller get a VOIP number (also called a DID). Places like voip.ms provide them for $5/month or less. Then install any app on your computer or phone (such as Jitsi). Now you have a US telephone number in whatever city you want it to be in. You can call them from your computer or mobile, and they can call you by dialing to that local number.

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