Real Estate Investor Consultanting?

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Has anyone here sought service and advice from any Real Estate Consulting Firms for personal or business real estate investing?

Im considering it because I'm looking for insight from experiences professionals on how to structure different deals and expand and grow my real estate business. I have tried the organic approach to building relationships with experienced investors in my area through real estate meeting and events with no real success cause to be honest  I'm an introvert and Im not that good at networking.... I know its a must so I make a effort to do so but it doesnt come natural for me and the actions behind it feels forced so I always feel out of place at REmeets. At this point I rather just pay a experienced person or firm to hands on share their knowledge and resources with me to help me and my business grow than to go through the mentally draining process of trying to find a knowledgeable and experienced investor to take a liking to me and be willing to help me. Any comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

I know where you are coming from, for me networking is not my biggest strength but I keep going to meet ups to improve and have done some one on one meet ups w investors who were interested to talk OutofState investing w me.
Have you looked into Turnkey providers? I haven’t used one yet but I’ve been in contact w one recently.. Look into Norada Real Estate, I recently got in contact w them and I like how they operate. They seem like a good group, as I get more exposure with them I’ll be happy to share my experience but so far it’s been all positive..

@Raul R. Not interested in turnkey investing. I know the acquisition, remolding, renting, and property managing process really well. I am just looking for was to speed up the learning curve as I grow and expand into other markets and pursue other investing stratergies

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