I have question about Houston REIA and the meeting this Tuesday

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It was suggested the I connect with the the Houston REIA (HOUSTON REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT ASSOCIATION) group in my area. So, I signed up and got free tickets to the monthly meeting for this month's Tuesday for me and a guest. They are also gifting me a real estate course after I attend the meeting (worth $229) ... I have never attended one of these and I'm a bit skeptical of the gift and free tickets.

What should I expect? I noticed on the web page they offer memberships. Joining seems like a an opportunity I should take, but other than making connections and meeting other investor, I'm not sure if it's a good idea to spend money joining an association as I'm just starting out and have yet anything to offer. 

Any advice? 

@Herbert MacDonald

Most REIAs run on a membership. This usually is enough to pay for the meeting space or food or both.

If you don't think you can attend every meeting, you can usually pay on a per meeting basis.

@Herbert MacDonald

Here is my 2 cents: I considered myself newbie and started attending these REIA meetup last year. I have attended few REIA with or without membership. Most of the REIA meetup start with 15- 30 minutes introduction to organizing group and some details for upcoming 3- day weekend REI course. Followed by discussion topic for each month and Q&A.

Typically these REIA meetup has REI vendors which you need in your REI journey. For the membership and RE course its worth it. You would learn a lot from these smart successful REI's. However,what I realized that some of these REIA meetup, you don't have enough time for networking (before or after intro/discussion topic). Goodluck with REI !

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