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I’m new to REI and have not made my first purchase. I live in Las Vegas where cap rates seem to be between 5-7 for single family. I originally wanted to buy and hold sf till property doubles in value and then sell. However with a low cap rate it seems impossible to make decent cash flow after paying mortgage and other expenses. My question is how do I determine cap rate for multi family to determine if this is a better strategy for cash flow when multi family units in Vegas are mostly large apartment buildings that aren’t listed on Zillow or Thanks for all the great information already on these forums! Tony M.

Hi @Anthony Melendrez ....Welcome to the investing game and Bigger Pockets. Vegas is interesting because of the competitive market that we are in right now. I would be happy to discuss with you further buy & hold considerations for SFR's & I can connect you with a few Multi-family investors who understand the Vegas market in that regard (I currently only focus on residential real estate myself). If you are not tied into having/wanting to only invest locally in Vegas; there are some great options for cashflow out of state. Text or call me at my number below and we can set up time to talk if you like.

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