How can I subdivide a 2+ acre property in Buena Vista, GA?

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I have an oppurtunity in Buena Vista, GA to acquire a mother daughter property with acres of land at a fair wholesale price. I’m interested to know if I can subdivide the land. Are there any investors in the Atlanta area that have done subdivisions? The house would actually be good for a BRRR as well. Any suggestions, advice or options I may be over looking?

The subdivide you are requesting is easy by comparison to what you may think.  Get a current survey to your lawyer and have him get the new zoning and tax parcel ID.  As long as you are permitted to divide the land into the parcels sized as you imagine you won't have any problems.

As a clever strategy if you are permitted by your local government to divide the land, locate a builder and ask him to partner in new construction.  Your contribution is the land and he pays for all the improvement.  In the end you get paid retail price for the land plus 20% of the profit on the building(s).  If there is room for more than one structure on the subdivision, allow the builder to sell them off in pieces and pay you in increments.  This will be a good deal for the builder because he won't have to come up with the cash to buy the land.

I hope this helps!

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@Mark Elkins this sounds great because it’s how I figured a subdivision would go. As far as the developer strategy that is something I haven’t thought about so I definitely appreciate the feedback.

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