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I've been a member since 2015, used to enjoy the articles and blogs, can I ask why the last few months most of the blogs are now just re-runs that have been reposted? If you add that your reposting is for those who are newer and might have missed reading them. Cant they just go back in archives and find them. Seems to be more repeats than new blogs.  

I understand forum repeats. Everyone would rather ask their own question to get a belonging type feeling on forum. But the blogs I thought were educational and if content is new I Can maybe learn something. 

I've always felt the articles here are terrible, BP turned into the buzzfeed for real estate, no content just crap. Lists like "10 things a landlord must know" that can be read in a minute and make someone feel good but leave them with no real information or direction. But hey, it gets the clicks and page views.

Originally posted by @Andrew Johnson :

Jerry Rien You could say the same for maybe 90%+ of the forum posts :)  


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