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Hello my names Jonathan in the Iowa area, well I found a nice duplex and it’s been vacant for 3 years now. The structure is still very good. I looked it up on the county assessors site and it listed asis 84000, gave me the deed holder name and address. I do not know how to come at the owner with interest in buying said property, would like advice on what is a good direct letter to send to them to show interest,clearly they have not kept the property up at all due to high grass etc.. any advice would be helpful OH by the way I’m broke!! Would a seller/finance deal be possible. Does anyone have like a direct mail sample

Hi @Jonathan Morning . Good job to find a piece of property like that! Here is what I do in the case of vacant properties: I do NOT send a letter. I call. I call until I get the owner on the line. And if the property is really worth it, I will call (with permission) on a regular basis until the owner accepts to sell. I do not take no as an answer. For the analysis of the deal, I can't help you with the info you gave and for owner financing, you just ask to the owner. The worst answer is...no. But you already know what I think of a "no". :)

Good luck!

thanks alot, I seem to not be able to get the owners number I called the county office and they only supply addresses no numbers so I’m still in limbo 

I'm just posting to follow along and see how it goes for you. Good luck!

Hi Jonathan. It’s inspiring to hear the changes you are making in your life! Try finding the owner on social media.

Hey Jonathan, i have found letter templates on this site and used them to reach absentee owners and i have had some luck. Make sure your letter is short, concise and straight to the point. You have to explore all options when reaching out to prospective sellers. Good luck.

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