Insurance and tenants questions in NC

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We will close a duplex in NC very soon and few questions want to hear landlord folks to share some valuable experience.

1) Insurance: one insurance company agreed and then changed their opinion by asking us does this duplex has a 6-8 inch concrete wall between units. The inspector said: No, that is a new code since 2006. So the insurance change from a home insurance to a rental insurance (owner will live in one unit and second unit has a tenant) and the priced increased more than $100. To avoid the delay for closing, we mostly will use this insurance and then change. Which insurance company NC landlord are using and like it?

2) For a SFR we plan to rent out. A lady with 5 kids are living in hotel and asked us will we consider section 8. She said she already got permission on her hands from government. Does section 8 is a protected thing like other fair house law? Should landlord have background, credit check for section 8 applicants? Where to find the specific guideline for section 8 as landlord.

Thanks for sharing!

My tenant occupied rentals are insured by Amica and National Real Estate Insurance Group (NREIG / REIGuard), with the latter insuring most, including during rehab. As for Section 8... Are you going to have a property manager who's local to the properties? If so, they should be able to direct you in everything required for Section 8. Exactly one half of my tenants have Section 8 Vouchers and the other not, but having an S8 Voucher does not grant any special protection or privilege.

Thanks @Jonathan Taylor Smith for nice sharing!

Will give a call for your insurance company and compare the coverage and cost. We are local and will manager by ourselves. I am on the process to be licensed for NC (licensed in FL) but didn’t see special content for section 8.  Googled  the discussion here and very helpful.