[Calc Review] Help me analyze this deal

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Hey Gonzo, 

Just my 2 cents.. Is this based on tenant occupancy of 2 or 3 units?

This property doesn't seem like it is viable for buy and hold because of the expenses are 120% of Income, which is why the cash flow is negative $937/mo and cash on cash return s -14%. It'll be impossible to be profitable without raising the rents substantially and cutting your expenses. The P&I expense eats up 75% of your income. Assuming the analysis was based on full occupancy of paying tenants, the numbers don't work out. If you consider living in 1 unit, it'll increase your deficit since you're not really paying yourself rent. Let me know if I didn't consider some things.

Hi Jonathan, yes the plan would be to buy the duplex. Live in one unit and rent the other. Maybe in a year move and leave them both rented. I’m just not sure how to account for the rents and the p&I if I’m living in one.

Howdy @Gonzo Sal

The first thing you should do is analysis the property as if you are not living there. Use the same loan type (FHA ?) for the analysis. If the property will not Cash Flow after you move out then it's not a deal to pursue. It is common to have negative cash flow while you live in one unit. Edit the analysis to reflect all units rented.

What is the rent for each unit?

Other observations with your analysis:

Your expenses are low.  Recommend you raise the Vacancy to a minimum of 8.34% (one month rent).

You left out Insurance.

I would increase CapEx until you have the property inspected.

Are you planning to self manage?  If not you should increase PM to 10%.  If you plan to expand your property portfolio and might use a PM in the future you should increase it to 10%.

Once you have analyzed the property with full rent just subtract your unit rent to the results while you live there.