Help me analyze my first deal!!

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Hey everyone! I am just starting to get my feet wet into this real estate investment world and I am looking for some advice on my very first property that I am trying to analyze and potentially buy. The listed price for this 4-plex is $245,830. I am really not too sure that I calculated closing costs or repair costs accurately. I have seen the property and there does not seem to be any large repairs at first site. I plan to hire an inspector to confirm this. Does anyone have any advice as far as what would be a good offer to make or any adjustments I should make on the report? I don't want to lowball the seller but I really have no idea what kind of price I am looking at to offer. I completed the analysis with a $30k decrease in price at $215K. I would really love anyones input! Thanks so much in advance!! 


At first glance your down payment is low, are you planning to live in unit and get an FHA loan?

Without knowing your market I can’t answer your question but I would start by comparing comps recent sales and if you’re having issues finding comps a good realtor should be able to provide..