Hiring An Acquisitions Manager: Any Advice?

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Hey BPers,

I'm a wholesaler from Miami, Florida. My partner and I started out as lead managers and have been doing business on our own for almost a year now. I'm having some difficulty finding a motivated acquisitions manager to deal with the incoming leads. We have a guy currently but he decided to pursue a career as an agent. 

We've tried to post ads for new managers but most of the applicants are over-qualified even though we market it as no experience needed. 

My questions are... 

  • What's the best way to advertise for lead managers? 
  • Where should we post?
  • Do you have any advice on what the job post should specify?

Would love to get feedback on this matter. I need a motivated, trustworthy, and responsible acquisitions manager asap... desperate here!

It may sound simple but it might have to do with the wording. Try taking the word "manager" out of the title/post. 

Acquisitions Manager is a fancy title. Your responses will be from people currently working in management making a decent salary. 

A lead taker can be someone that is currently in customer service in a retail position. 

If you're looking for someone with real estate experience, don't expect to keep them long. Just like you and your partner started low and moved up, expect an ambitious person to do the same. 

We've had luck hiring people from stores that we frequent. Restaurants have employees looking to earn more too. 

Plus you can train them exactly how you want them to be.  They won't bring bad office habits with them. 

Best of luck.