Closing Wholesale Deals

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Hey guys, I'm pretty new at investing, been at it for a few months now.... I just recently signed up for BiggerPockets. I currently attended Gold Coast & passed my real estate course exam. I'm looking forward to take the state exam soon. Get my real estate license, start working for a broker. "Big Commission." I want to network with fellow a like-minded people in the business. I wanted to learn a little bit more about investing. A friend of mine, (who else to invest in real estate) recommended me this platform. I've been studying the real estate investing course on here and trying to get my few wet some more. I think I came across a great deal, it kind of fell into my lap. I was having a conversation with a lady I just met about real estate. She told me that her and her husband, have a 4 bedroom 4 baths investment property and they only want $70k. The comps in the area are going for $120k to $198k. They also owe $1200 in taxes & $30k in mortgage.... and a tenant living there that's only paying $200 a month. I offered her $50k cash is this a good deal or not based on the information I provided?

@Earl I Thompson , what's the condition of the property? Repair estimates to bring up to homeowner or rental standards? What type of lease is the tenant on, MTM, Yearly, 6 mos, etc. What is the rental averages in that area? Is that a homeowner area or a rental area or mixed? WHY ARE THEY SELLING? Where are you going to get 50K? Did they accept? Why do you say comps are 120K-198K? That's a big gap for like-kind properties,...that is what a comp is,.. 4bed/4bath similliar sq/ft, type of house, etc.... 

You need to provide more info.