So, I’m a new investor and have done a buy and flip deal. I have a few other deals on the table that I just don’t have the funds for. Been studying on ways to get the deals done. I’m really interested in the whole strategy. I’ve been doing a lot of research on it and feel I have a good understanding of the process. But everyone talks about the “formula” to make an offer to investors. Arv x .65(or.70) - rehab cost - assignment fee. But with land there is no rehab. So is it market value x .65 - assignment fee? Just a little unsure. For instance: I have 1.5 acre lot with a $5k accepted cash offer from the seller... tax value is 30k and based on comps looks like 20k would be doable. I was thinking an assignment fee of 2k. Does that sound right? Any tips would be appreciated!