First Potential Investment

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Hi, I’m new to rental property investing and I have read many books, blogs, and listened to countless podcast. My goal is to put my family in a better place to become financially free. I have found a property that I believe is a good deal in Atlanta, Georgia in College Park. The property is a side by side town home , 2 bed, 2 bath built in 1984 selling for 64k or 120k for both units and potential renting the property for 1k a month. I have a few questions. 1. How do I check what other properties are renting for in this same area? 2. How do I find property management ? 3. Does this even sound like a good deal?

@Khorey Beauford Congrats on taking the first step! I really like the south ATL market but you need to know the market on a more granular level as some places haven't seen the same growth. Without knowing much like address/zip/sq ft cant really say if it is a good deal or now but sounds like it has potential. You would need to take any rehabbing (even if its just lipstick) into consideration as well. 

RE you questions:

1. Aggregate tools are great for this and usually free. Zillow can tell you rents in the area and so can sites like rentrange.

2. You should always price out PM and if you are capable i would recommend trying to do this yourself with the first/second property. You can start off with national companies like, Renter's Warehouse. They have helped me and a client in the CLT markets.

3. Refer to comments about. 

I hope this helps you, feel free to call or PM always happy to share some advice. 

Hi Khorey! I would recommend utilizing the free landlord software that is out there that can provide you with rent estimates for your area, market syndication and online applications/screening. With software like this, you can easily self manage your property and save yourself the cost of hiring a property manager. 

If you need any software recommendations, feel free to PM me. Good luck in your investing journey!