Hello everyone! My name is George Romero I'm new to Biggerpockets and I'm sooo glad that this is available. Some advice is greatly appreciated for this deal I have under contract. It's a 7 unit MF that needs one unit touched up and painted along with a new fence with gate and I'm a bit nervous about going through with the deal.  I've attached the cash flow analysis for anyone wanting to give me some advice. This is in an older part of town where rent is not very high, but I think I can bump it up to $550 for each unit.

Rental Property Cash Flow Analysis
[Property Description]
Monthly Operating IncomeScenario AScenario B
Number of Units7
Average Monthly Rent per Unit495.00
Total Rental Income3,465.00
% Vacancy and Credit Losses5.00%
Total Vacancy Loss173.25
Other Monthly Income (laundry, vending, parking, etc.)-
Gross Monthly Operating Income3,291.75
Monthly Operating Expenses
Property Management Fees347.00
Repairs and Maintenance200.00
Real Estate Taxes250.00
Rental Property Insurance298.81
Homeowners/Property Association Fees
Replacement Reserve50.00
Monthly Operating Expenses1,295.81
Net Operating Income (NOI)
Total Annual Operating Income39,501.00
Total Annual Operating Expense15,549.72
Annual Net Operating Income23,951.28
Capitalization Rate and Valuation
Desired Capitalization Rate8.00%
Property Valuation (Offer Price)299,391.00
Actual Purchase Price167,500.00
Actual Capitalization Rate14.30%
Loan Information
Down Payment33,500.00
Loan Amount167,500.00
Acquisition Costs and Loan Fees6,000.00
Length of Mortgage (years)15
Annual Interest Rate6.690%
Initial Investment6,000.00
Monthly Mortgage Payment (PI)1,476.66
Annual Interest11,002.25
Annual Principal6,717.63
Total Annual Debt Service17,719.88
Cash Flow and ROI
Total Monthly Cash Flow (before taxes)519.28
Total Annual Cash Flow (before taxes)6,231.40
Cash on Cash Return (ROI)103.86%