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To start I drive by a property almost everyday that’s a old run down decent size home on top of a hill, I’ve looked it up and it’s on 5.5 acres and last sold for 1.2m but the estimate on Zillow is around 450k. Now that being said it’s off market so my question is when you see a property that you believe could be a good investment but it isn’t for sale how do you go about finding out the owner of said property and then what would be a appropriate way of bringing a offer to a own who isn’t currently trying to sell to purchase the property?

You can find the owner's mailing address by looking up the property on the county assessor's website.  At that point many people mail out marketing to that owner, if you really want to stand out mail them an actual full offer that is contingent on you seeing the interior.

As a side note never base investment decisions on the Zestimate; most of the time they are pretty close but for unique properties they can be way off.

@Aron klatt 

Thanks for the response this is definitely still a stage of me looking into it and trying  to see if it is actually potentially a profitable deal being I’m new to all this and still learning I appreciate any guidance and information I can get thank you again 

@Wesley Robirds no problem for future reference the way to tag someone in a post is to type the @ symbol and the first few letters of their name then select them from the drop-down list, that way they get notified.  Let me know if you have any other questions.

@Wesley Robirds two steps

  1. find out who owns the property
  2. Find out how to contact them.

As @Aaron K. said most states have onlinie records as to who the owner is. Try

The next  step is to locate them. A google search will bring up lots of pay sites to help you find people. The teerm for finding people is called a "skip trace" I recommend calling vs mailing. If you mail you never know if it was received or read.

@Ned Carey I might try mailing an offer first and if you don't hear anything then you might try calling.  A phone call from a random person (who most likely wants to lowball a house you own) isn't a great way to get on people's good side when making first contact especially when being vague about a potential offer.