Seller Financing Deal Analysis

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I am a newbie looking into purchasing rental properties utilizing seller financing. I am interested in using a subject to deal, but am obviously open to all strategies. I have yet to make my first deal,  but I'm looking to do as soon as possible. 

When utilizing these strategies what information do I need to analyze the deal? The rental calculator here on BP uses a traditional mortgage, and obviously seller financing isn't quite the same. 

Also, for a subject 2, once the mortgage is paid off typically what happens? This is a gray area for me. It seems that majority of people lease option the house, so they create a sandwich lease, but what if you want to hold the property? Does that make sense to anyone?! 

Thanks in advance! :) 

You should check out Grant Kemps website and signup for his mentorship.  Thats all he teaches ( you can check out some of his videos on Youtube).  I signed up for the life-time membership (about $600) worth it! I'm new to SF also but I have learned so much I can't Waite make my first deal!

Good luck!