Taking action in Missouri

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I’m Willie Cunningham from Jefferson City MO. I just became a pro member today! I am excited about the possibility of getting deeper into Real Estate so I’ve decided to share my beginning steps. I have been driving for dollars for a few months in my city. I only drive for about an hour or so and collect as many addresses as I can. I then look them up on line fir the sale pricd and taxes , then using the bp calculator and analysize them. I try to use as close to actual numbers as I can when filling in the blank boxes and now that I can go back and edit a report ( without using up a chance to do a report ) I do it. I run the report at least two times for accurate results and then try to follow the model that Brandon always uses. He likes to get 12 % coc returns and at least $200 per door per unit. I like that model and so basically I’m at the point where I am trying to find properties that can potentially yield those kinds of numbers. I don’t know if this was helpful to anyone but I just thought I would share where I am on my journey!!! Thanks for reading and thanks Biggerpockets for all you do💯.
@David Pham That’s awesome man. It’s nice to see that you’re close by. You know I really feel like things are coming together. It’s like when you buy a silver Chevy and the next thing you know, there’s silver Chevys everywhere!! Laws of attraction I guess! But the more I focus in on RE as a money making vehicle, the more I suddenly run into people who are investing or know someone. It’s very crazy and encouraging at the same time!!!

Hello! My fiance is a lender here locally in St. Louis, but he is licensed is all of Missouri as well as 7 other states (including Kansas if you wanted to look on the Kansas side of KC). One of his specialties is working with investors - his company has some unique programs exclusive to them, and keeping their loans serviced in house, they don't conform to various overlays that some other lenders have to. Feel free to message me for his contact information if you'd like to reach out to him with questions or seeking quotes anytime!