BP Rental Calculator vs DealCheck

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Anyone try DealCheck's calculator? How does it compare/contrast to BPs calculator? Pros/Cons for both? Preference? I'm asking because I just recently found the DealCheck website/app, but have been testing out BPs trial calculators for a while now. I'm thinking about signing up for BP Pro after today's webinar, one of the main reasons being unlimited use of the calculators. Thanks in advance for the input.

So I just played around with it a little bit and it definitely doesn't take into account all the expenses the BP calculators do. I just analyzed a deal using DealCheck's calculators and it looked like a pretty good deal, however, I'd already analyzed it earlier and determined I would have been in the negative in cash flow so I'd be careful!

@Whitney Breedlove there definitely is some getting used to the differences in the input fields between calculators. Some of them you can itemize, like expenses, etc. Took me a couple of times running the numbers on DealCheck before I got results that looked more realistic. Went from $1200/month cash flow down to $50/month! Thanks for your input!