[Calc Review] Help me analyze this deal

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Well, I'm in a bit of perplexity.  I've been extremely lucky this year, with a major goal that is inching up on me day by day. I've sold a home in Austin this year that netted me a solid return, roughly $73K, which was a primary residence.  When I moved to Denver a year ago, I came into some capital and purchased 2 homes here that are both cash flow positive ~$300-350K/mo avg, regardless of appreciation.  I have access to more capital, and I want to get away from my software sales career,  I'm passionate about my own business and I'm demotivated with the pressure of what I'm doing 7-5 (this is conservative, there are 65+ hour weeks that I'm being paid OT time on....)

In a nutshell, I'm making more money in my 9+years of software sales.  I'm also making more money in my 3+ years in real estate.  I feel as though I need another property and sincerely, I am overwhelmed by where I take my own personal business next.  LLCs are in place, 4-5+ year sin personal education to get here in my real estate business. And now, I need a deal....

I'm open to any and every idea Account Closed

@Zachary R. I wouldn’t buy it. It doesn’t seem that there’s much room to add value and the margins are really low. Don’t buy just to buy, you should be making a better return than 7% if you’re going to put that kind of money in!