Not a numbers guy. Best place to learn the numbers?

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Naturally I am not a numbers guy. What are some good resources just to learn the numbers and finding a good deal? Specific Podcast Episode? Specific Book Going Over Numbers? Anyone willing to meet up in the Orlando, Fl area to go over it with me? Etc. Thanks!

@Branden Sewell , I know if you go through BP youtube channel they do deals of the week, but they usually use their analyzer, which is a good one. For more write outs of deals (where the deal is written on a white board etc...) click the link, and skip over the first one by Grant Cardone (he is great, but he is doing massive 200 unit and up deals).

@Branden Sewell Did you get any leads on books, online tools etc. I as well am good at a lot of things, but the numbers always gives me the chills. A lot of videos and people I talk to all say put together a great team and I am but still want to learn and become fluent when looking over the numbers. Not knowing the numbers can be a costly mistake.