Hi BP Community!

I'm currently under contract on a property and after pulling permits, I found out that the house was literally moved. The seller didn't disclose, so I'm looking to make sure they are aware of this before we move forward with the purchase. 

The property is all brick, built in 1960, and I'm under contract for approx 18% below comps (price per square foot). The permits show that the house was moved in 1978 from a location about 5 miles north of where the property currently is located. There are also permits for the inspection of the foundation when the house was relocated. 

I had a home inspector point out several cracks on the outside of the house, with a few cracks inside. We also notice a few cracks on the tile in the same general area of the external cracks. All windows/doors open up perfectly fine. I'm thinking that maybe the house shifted a bit as part of the move and that there are no real issues with the house.

I'm trying to get a contractor to check out the property and let us know if there are any significant issues they can see, but from my understanding, even getting structural engineers to check out the property would require significant time and resources to perform a full evaluation. My question to you is - have any of you had experience with this situation? Are there any considerations I should be making prior to purchasing the property? I'm hoping maybe some of you have dealt with this and can provide any guidance/thoughts/opinions to this unique situation. 

Thank you all in advance!