Looking for contacts to help me get this deal launched

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I'm just getting started with my real estate investing career and I have a great deal but my cash is tied up in a house I'm currently selling.  I'm looking for some help/contacts to get this deal off the ground.  I'm in Warrensburg  Missouri, have a great job and over 800 credit score.  Looking forward to getting the first deal done and on to the next one.  The deal is 2 -4Plex Units being sold together.  Cash flow is roughly $100/door below market right now leaving room for great improvement.  The asking price is way over the comps for multi-family in the area, I've reflected what the high end of the comp range would be in my calculations.  Looking forward to hearing from you all.  Any contacts/referrals for CPAs or Lawyers in the Kansas City/Independence are would also be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!