[Calc Review] Help me analyze 8 unit deal in Ohio

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Hey guys, what do you think about the numbers ran on this deal..I know it says rents are at 550, new renters at 575 but after doing a market analysis I included rents at 590 in my analysis which I still believe are competitive with the current market rents.  I am assuming that I can buy this deal at 265k even though it's listed at 319k.. It was last sold for 240k in 2016. I kept cap ex and repairs at 5 % with it being built in 1972 and looks in decent condition, however an inspection may say otherwise.  School districts are average and household income is above average compared to Ohio averages.


I think your numbers look pretty good overall.  I would check with your lender and see if in fact they are doing 30 year amortization.  I am looking at an 8 plex as well and every lender I have reached out to are only doing 20-25 year terms.  If you can secure a 30 year amort that is great! I also would look into what appliances the seller is wanting to negotiate about.  If they are wanting to be compensated for quite a few appliances or negotiate over them that could skew your final numbers.  I think the deal has potential for sure!  Check when the roof was replaced and the age of the mechanicals too.

Good Luck!

@Scott Weaver You won’t get 30 year amortization on a commercial property of this size. Your capex and maintenance is likely low. 550 renters are gonna be tough on a property