[Calc Review] SFR near College in NJ

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Hey everyone,

Curious if I could get some feedback on this deal. This would be my first investment. Is this monthly cashflow worth it for you?

The property is in good shape. No major repairs needed. Maybe some painting and new washer/dryer. 

The home would rent to college students as it is near a university.

Here is the listing 


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Hey @Patrick Flanagan

just looking at it real quick, these are the three things that i see.

Closing costs- you have $0 allotted. you should expect atleast 2% of purchase price ($3,300)

You water bill is $10. Im assuming youll have that paid by tenants?

I don't know about the insurance costs. seems low to me but that could be correct for your area. 

Hey @Heath Ryans thanks for the reply. I miscalculated the water. I had an estimated amount per quarter and represented it as yearly by mistake. Thanks for pointing that out. I was anticipating closing costs initially, but the agent told me there are none for the buyers agent. Also that the lender he put me in touch with doesn’t have a fee. Is this not possible? Or did I receive questionable info?

@Patrick Flanagan

In Closing costs you will still have some title search,possible  apprasial, inspection, and maybe other fees. Id give it atleast 1% to be safe. Thats assuming the seller will pay the rest. 

lender fees, i dont know. I would make sure that applies to you and not just the last guy the agent did business with. Its possible. But i would make sure.

As @Sam Shueh said, be aware that the typical school year runs August-May. That leaves you 3 months worth of unknows if your renting to students specifically. 

@Patrick Flanagan is this near TCNJ? I know a local investor that went there said you want to be within the block or 2. Otherwise, it becomes difficult to rent out (if they are your target market). They recently made few new dorms there so I would look at the projections and growth of that school.

@Patrick Flanagan

Hey! I'm a local realtor in the area and know this exact house.  I'm 99% sure the previous owner was a landlord to college students as well.  It's close to TCNJ but also Rider University.  Many Rider student's rent in Ewing as well which means you'll have a broader pool of tenants.  Only thing is, I know that there are many rentals as well as a lot of new development designed for college student so lots of competition.  Not saying not to buy, just trying to provide as much information as possible.

As the other's have already stated, I think some of your expenses are slightly off.  Also, this house is oil heat.  Not sure if this is a game changer for you but just thought I'd let you know.  Let me know if you have any other questions!