[Calc Review] Help me analyze this deal

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Hi @Christina Luton , I'm a bit conservative, but I figure 10% vacancy, 7.5% each for Repairs and CapEx. Any other utilities to include? I see garbage there.

Do you plan to refi after it's rented out? That will be ~$425/month, bringing your CF to $200, which isn't bad. Gives you a cash-on-cash return of ~25-27%.

Thank you @Jaysen Medhurst  I definitely didn’t go conservative because I wanted the numbers to work. After further review of the house it’s seeming like the renovations are bigger than I expected. It’s an old house and will require some updating verses the superficial things I was hoping for. 

That being said, I do appreciate your feedback and help with this analysis. Glad I didn’t force it.