[Calc Review] Help me analyze this deal Steeldust trl. Dewey Az.

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My information tells me that although this is a clean quiet community the rent on a double wide is capped at $900/month.  the seller wants to sell this furnished but that doesn't provide much cushion as far as the rent goes.  My bottom line is NO GO.

doesn't seem like a winner to me.  Also your interest rate seems really low.  Investor rates on stick built homes are like 5.75, I would assume manufactured housing would be higher.

I fudged the numbers down to see where this would work.

Actually, the seller wants 6.5% with $50,000 down and a price of $175,000.  Some of the double wide mobiles in this nieghborhood have an asking price of $225,000.  I know, crazy.

My biggest problem is communicating with sellers that mobiles depreciate and after 40 years are essentially worth nothing.  These should be selling for the value of the empty lot.