[Calc Review] Help me analyze this deal

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 I would love some input! I can't see inside so rehab and stuff was a guess. Now that I'm thinking about it I shouldn't analyze properties that I cant at least guess what needs to be done. I'm trying to get good at this please feel free to privately message me.

@Keith Manchester , at this stage, theoretically guessing things like repair costs is ok, because you're giving BP our chance to point out other glaring errors like Property Management omission. And, like 3% Maintenance and 3% Cap Ex not being conservative enough.

And, like a 30yr 4.6% fixed investment mortgage being unlikely? (Unless you know otherwise?) 

[If for example you can only get a 20yr loan - then a lot more of your theoretical cash flow vanishes!]

Rule of thumb: If a property isn't grossing at least 1% of its purchase price per month, it's very hard to make a case for minimal deposit, but still showing cash flow, which is what Investors want to aim for!...