Google Sheet Rental Property Calculator

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BP Family!

Thanks for your help in advance and thanks to the BP team for providing this platform.

Just on the course of getting to understand how well my investment is going to work well for me and give me a good ROI.

So today, I decided to create a rental property calculator from scratch in google sheet or to be sincere, I'm yet to save all up for the PRO member fee. Smile.

Is it a good deal? Is it a good cash flow? What is a good round number? Still some unanswered questions.

I think I'm beginning crunch the numbers; to understand these numbers, but got stuck on calculating the Cash-on-Cash ROI percentage for this listing. Need help with the values/numbers for these metrics for this listing. Cash on Cash ROIPro Forma Cap Rate and Purchase Cap Rate.

GOOD DEAL is only based on Monthly Cashflow greater than $200 but I really want to factor in the Cash on Cash ROI metric. Help!

Thanks for your help!


Nice job @Omosalewa Aderonmu !  I like your prototype so far.  

CoCROI should just be: (total yearly cash flow)/(total cash to acquire).  So in your example above something like: (4820)/(12000) = 40% (Year 1). Some people don't include the repairs in the first year Cash on Cash return however, not sure what the BP one does.

You can look at your 'stabilized' cash on cash as well using ProForma numbers and estimating the rent and expense growth over the next X number of years.  

I personally don't like pay too much attention to ProForma as I can't predict the future so I usually just like to know if cash flow is good AND more importantly if I'm financing, if the DSCR (debt service coverage ratio) is high enough to safely qualify for financing (usually above 1.2).

Best of luck and keep up the innovation and learning! 

Thanks @Jon Crosby

Just something simple I could use pro tem. Thanks for your help with the CoCROI calculation. I love your idea of the Clik2Flip mobile property analyzer app and the facts that it requires NO data entry. I'll check it out.

Thanks for your help!


@Omosalewa Aderonmu Great job on the analysis sheet. I always have fun making them. Here is one I created that you can download. We are big multi-family investors in Los Angeles County pushing almost 900 units. We have been in the business almost 65 years. Here is a link to a fun one I use with my clients. Might be helpful. Its locked so you can screw up the formulas but is you send me a message I will give you the code to unlock it so you can tweak it for yourself. Have fun.