Deal Analysis: App or Spreadsheet?

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I've been using to analyze deals, but it's limited in how it handles loans, and can't handle private money or hard money is cleanly as I'd like. Same with RehabValuator is a more comprehensive, but still not perfect, and it has a pretty bad interface.

Any recommendations for other web apps?

Alternatively, I'm wondering if I should start developing my own spreadsheet to enable the specific analysis I want to perform. Are there any good templates out there I can start from?

The downside of a spreadsheet is potentially having to manually create a deal packet for my investors. 

Are you trying to analyze flips or rental deals?   

What PML or HML terms can't those apps handle that you are looking for?

Hi @David Whitaker , sounds like creating your own spreadsheet is going to be your best option in the short term.  I'm curious why MogulMind can't handle your Private/Hard money pieces though.   I would just assume you use the 100% finance with 'other' option to put in the terms....but maybe it's because it makes you do a minimum of 1 year?  

Would love to learn more about your specific scenarios though if you ever want to chat! 


@David Whitaker

Loan scenarios can get complicated, so I'm not surprised that you're finding most software out there lacking in that regard.  I personally spent at least 3 months on the subject to add the ability to capture an unlimited number of loans of different types, and although I'm pretty happy with it, I can see spending another 3 months on the edge cases.