Taking a loan via Patch of land?

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Hi guys!
I've been looking around to find financing for a BRRRR in upper NY state. I'm looking for a project that would be roughly around 50-75k$ all-in, and most of the lenders I found won't finance below 75k$...

I recently stumbled upon Patch of Land loans. The products and fees they offer are interesting, and they could lend in the range I'm looking for... but I've also seen many forum treads stating how much of a pain the experience of investing money through them was...

I couldn't find much info about experiences taking a loan with them. Is this a good idea? Am I running into trouble?

This would be my first loan with private money, so I'd like to get your input on that!

@Simon Savard

Ive personally had good experiences with them, but can give you more info in a DM if you want, lest I be accused of any shilling or untoward behavior