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Hello BP! I did the webinar, and now trying to analyze. So I plan to live in one side and rent out the other. I put 0% for property management, since I'll be doing that, at least the first few years. I also put 20% down, that will be a struggle, but I think I can make it happen by fall. Also Im not convinced the prices will grown, in fact I think they will possibly fall. Can you advice any corrections to my math? and is this worth tying up my nest egg? I was originally waiting for the market to correct before I make my move into real estate, but I'm getting married so situation is changed and I'll be renting for approximately $1400 If I don't buy.  Any advice or direction will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

@Valentin Zalutskiy   You put closing cost as 400k which has your cash on cash way off since its thinks you needs 490k cash to make this deal happen. I would add Property manager just  because you may not manage it forever and you want to make sure it will still cash flow if you do hand it off in the future when you are no longer living there.

As far as if its a good house hack or not I'm not sure. I'm a newbie myself lol.

@Valentin Zalutskiy , rerun your numbers as @Michael Frasier suggests. This is unlikely to make a good investment property after you move out, since you're way off the 1% rule. 

  • What about lawn care / snow removal?
  • You forgot insurance.
  • Taxes of $35/month on a $400k home in CA? Not likely, confirm with the town.
  • I like vacancy at 8%, but this is super local.
  • CapEx and repairs combined at 15% to be safe.
  • Do you have to pay for garbage?
  • Any shared utilities like water/sewer?
  • In your analysis you're putting down 20%, in which case you won't need PMI.