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This seems like an amazing deal. Not including vacancy and repairs as I would save ever single dollar for my properties. Anyone think I'm missing something? Similar places going for $250/m rent.

@Ryan Magdanz

Are you assuming you can get $44k off asking price or do you have a deal locked up with them already?

Also, can you really get 3.2% on a non-owner occupied investment property loan up there? 

You should add capex, repairs, etc to your expenses. I'd also put in a line item for management even if you are doing it yourself.

That looks like a negative cash flow property to me, once you account for vacancy, repair, cap ex, and property management?

Also, $5k in repairs to increase the value almost $50k seems ambitious?

Thanks for the feedback guys, I'm looking for my first property and I'm probably way less conservative than I should be. I re-did the analysis with 5% loan, capx, management, repairs, etc. and looks like it would cashflow at $150/m (assuming I can get the rent I think I can which is my worry). The vacancy rate is very low in British Columbia so it's hard to even find comparable homes for rent besides a few in the $2800/m range. I understand this deal probably doesn't make sense at that cash flow. 

I'm making an assumption that I can get this house 44K below asking - I'm doing my analysis based on this on all homes (10% discount) as it's expensive up here and the only way to get a cash flowing deal is to buy into one by making lots of offers). 

The 50K value increase is accounting for the discount I would get on purchase and the landscaping and minor changes we could do to increase the value above the current asking price. Not sure if thats possible or not!

I'm just learning and have looked all over my province. Super expensive here so keep my eyes open for something to pop up!

Appreciate the feedback!