Need advice on Buy&Hold duplex

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Seeking advice.  There's a duplex for sale, but the seller is not motivated to sell below market value.  If we pay market value, we will still cash flow $300/door.   Both units have renters; one that's been there 3 years and one that been there 14 mo. 

is it still a "good deal" if we're paying market value?.  We'd cash flow but wouldnt have a big equity cushion. 

PP is $220k, monthly PITI would be $1060 w/20% down.

unit A is rented for $875, unit B is rented for $795. (=$1670)

Annual CF = $7230, cash investment 44k, COC roi = 16%

3/2/2 single story, all brick home 

Have NOT accounted for PM yet (may not choose to do it) but its 10% in my area

just wondering if it's ever worth it to buy something at market value or if getting a discount is the *only* way to go

@Leigh Jones

Never say’s completely dependent on your financial situation though. If you are sufficiently liquid that you can keep that amount of cash tied up in one property, kudos to you. If it will hold you back from making additional deals, then you’re incurring a significant opportunity cost by locking that cash into this property.