Creative ideas needed: reframing the roof

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Hi All,

I have a trouble to decide how to re-frame the roof. I had several discussions with framers and architects by could not come into a conclusion on what is the best. Here is my drawings (can't share the actual drawings as of yet). But this is just to get an idea. I need to raise the ceiling over the flat roof. What would be the cheapest and the most acceptable option? Most of the people I saw said that it is better to continue the pitched roof with smaller pitch (see in red). But this does not look satisfactory to me. What would you do?

I'm no structural engineer or architect but looking at the drawing, Is it possible to pitch the roof where the high point connects the center of the wall with the fireplace to the other pitched roof?  Otherwise if you pitch it to be parallel with the other section, any rain that falls on that (right) side will run towards the main part of the house and that could encourage eventual bad leaks, mold etc.. The best roof design gets the water away from the house as efficiently as possible.

Why are you trying to go around the professionals you hired and get solutions here? Thats how you piss them off. There is a couple dozen pieces of key information that those sketches you provided dont have. You could get 100 different suggestions here and none of them would work because of unknown conditions and specific circumstances that surround your house. 

My advice - go to your architect and sit down and figure out a good solution. I know theres more than one option here that could work. But just because you don't like what they have come up with doesnt mean you can just get any idea and make it work. You are going to back yourself into a corner that really going to hurt both your professional relationships and your wallet. 

Account Closed, way to many variables and unknowns to provide a solution to your issue. And I wouldn't recommend that anyone try. As I mentioned in your other post, you are not experienced in what you are attempting to do. Therefore why haven't you retained a professional to assist in your renovation/expansion? Don't be a penny wise and pound foolish.  

@Jared W Smith I did contact several architects and a structural engineer. I think my main issue is that they are not excited with small project and all they suggest is to make an addition in red. I am looking for a second opinion/idea. I would pass that to an architect for plans. All of them ask me "but what exactly do you want", and I have no idea and taste in this. I am not asking for plans here, but rather an intuition. Also the city makes every single architect super busy and they does not seem to be interested to invest to much time for this small stuff. Do you advise to search for more people?

I did send layout to the city already, as the part with pitched roof is being remodeled right now.

something like this? Weird that i am doing that very same thing right now.

See how the additions roof is 90 degrees different from the house, yet ties into it? On this house that addition has a flat roof, with something dumb built on top. We are ripping it all off so the rafters can run to the edges. Currently there is 3 feet of flatness around the edges. Which gave us a 6 foot ceiling, so we are raising it to 8 foot and doing it the way it should have been done.