No central A/C in Texas

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There’s a 2bd/1ba home for $88,000 in south Texas for sale, but it doesn’t have central A/C but it is FULLY remodeled new flooring windows paint & appliances . Would y’all buy a home without central ac?

Also this is going to be an investment property in the future.

Personally, I would not buy or rent a house without central A/C.
Was this house originally built a long time ago when A/Cs were not common or is it manufactured?
Does it have in-window A/C unit(s)?

@Nick B. Yes it was built in 1954 . Completely & fully remodeled . There window units already installed 1 in dining/living area and 1 in each bedroom

785sq ft.

5,301sq ft lot

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@Jeremy Torres I currently have a house that I rent out that has window units for AC and a wall furnace for heat. Tenants love the window units as it lets them control the temp in each room and at night turn off the main one and use the smaller ones in the bedrooms.