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*This link comes directly from our calculators, based on information input by the member who posted.

I've looked at the property in person and I like the numbers, but I am new to investing so I am hoping the community can verify the numbers on the deal. I put the purchase price at $135K, but the goal is to get it lower than that. Thanks!

1. Says utilities separate in listing, why do you have water/sewer listed?

2. I would def up the repairs. Without further info the home looks like a huge old Victorian home that was converted into a multi fam (I could be wrong). The first thing that comes to my head when I see a Victorian is “how pretty”. The 2nd things is “who’s painting all that, in them colors?” I would think this home is old and will need lots of upkeep. Check out them windows. Replacing them all could possibly be deal breaker.

3. Check out the furnace and HW heaters, there should be 3 of each. If they need replacing.... 

4. Who is cutting all that grass, snow removal?